In the past years, I’ve thought a lot about food; I know we all have. The modern times are not easy times: we have to be mindful of stress, GMOs, pesticides, chemicals, studies, gluten, dairy, eggs, meat, everything has become a threat to our wellbeing and our health. Processed foods have taken over the world and we have forgotten how to live simple, easy going lives. But it doesn’t have to be like that, not for you, not for me, not for anybody.

I’m on a journey to find the simple things and foods that make us happy and keep us safe. I’ve given up meat 16+ years ago (yes, that includes fish and seafood), I know nothing of margarine and I’m using my hands to make my own sourdough bread and pasta. I no longer believe in studies and researchers or miracle diets but I do believe in cooking with fresh ingredients, from scratch, I believe in local whole foods, moderation and balance. I believe in honest plates, in honest food.

Short bio

I am a Bucharest-based vegetarian food-blogger and photographer. I cook for my husband and white Angora bunny, Mr. Pufu, and, in my free time, I design and publish the online vegetarian lifestyle magazine VEG THE MAG.

Before you go

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  1. leni

    Felicitari , atat de simplu si frumos !!!! Mult succes in continuare !


    1. andie

      Multumesc Leni, sa fie!


  2. Janice

    Sounds good to me. Thank you


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